Maintenance – 2023/03/10

Hello everyone, UPDATES AND MAINTENANCE VERSION 1.3 Anyway, yes, at around 23.00 CET/22.00 UTC we’ll reboot. EDIT: After 2 reboots, we got the newest kernel.That should be it, updates will follow tomorrow, maybe. Best regards, – Kleb/Leon

Moved to WordPress

Hello Kleb here, this is our “new” home, let me know if you like it or not. We’ve previously been using Bludit, and it worked amazing!It was fast, customizable and reliable, sadly it lacked a feature or more. Well, we are now running WordPress and Elementor, which as far I can tell has all the […]

Proxmox Installation via USB

Hello together, Installing Proxmox wasn’t the most straight forward for me, so in case anyone has similar issues, here is how I did it. Grab the desired ISO Proxmox Virtual Enviroment Proxmox Backup Server Proxmox Mail Gateway Grab a working USB, anything should really work as long as more than 1 GB capacity Download a […]

Change KDF iterations on Bitwarden

Hello everyone, recent information has brought to light that Bitwarden has a really low KDF iteration on cloud-hosted (5,000) and a relatively low default on self-hosted instances (~100,000). This can easily be changed on the Web UI for the Instance, but be warned – you will be logout out of all devices and sessions once […]

Updates – 2023/01/30

Hello everyone, Happy, very late new year! First updates of the year, may it run smoothly. Bitwarden 2022.10.0 -> 2023.01.0 Changelog Additional Note: BitWarden has set the KDF iterations, Post about this separately later.Post here! SOGu Is updated automatically ad will not be in this list furthermore. Changelog Pydio 4.0.1 -> 4.1.0 Changelog TrilliumNote 0.58.7 -> […]

Maintenance – 2023/01/30

Hello everyone, UPDATES AND MAINTENANCE VERSION 1.2 Anyway, yes, at around 20.00 CET/19.00 UTC we’ll reboot. EDIT 1:Server reboots are done, some updates may happen the next day. Best regards,– Kleb/Leon

Updates – 2022/11/09

Hello everyone, it’s time to finally finish the Pydio upgrade! As mentioned in the last post regarding updates, Pydio 4.0.1 broke itself in two.Now with 4.0.3 it seems to be running fine, I still have to work out some issue regarding it, but I’ll get there some time. Changelog can be found here: Link This […]

Maintenance – 2022/10/26

Hello everyone, UPDATES AND MAINTENANCE WHO WOULD’VE THONK. Anyway, yes at around 22.00CEST/20.00UTC we’ll reboot. EDIT 1:Done! Took a second reboot because there was a second kernel update. Best regards,– Kleb/Leon

Updates – 2022/10/26

Hello everyone, It’s time to up-up-update! List of removed services: SnappyMail While great as a RainLoop replacement, it wasn’t as fully featured as I would’ve liked. Github   List of added services: SOGo Caldav, Carddav and slick interface. Github   List of updated services: Bitwarden 2022.09.1 -> 2022.10.0 Changelog   OvenMediaEngine 0.14.10 -> 0.14.13 Changelog […]

Maintenance – 2022/09/29

Hello together, Short time, much Maintenance! No reboots for now, I’ve rewritten our NGINX Configuration for better readability and separated a lot of repeating lines. If something doesn’t work, let me know. Maybe there is more to come. Best regards,– Kleb/Leon

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