Subject: Leon Stöwer
Age: (currentYear – 1999)
Job: Application Developer

Contact Information:

E-Mail: leon@stoewer.one
Discord: Kleberstoff#1337

About myself:

I taught managing Servers myself. It started on some cheap VPS with BuyVM. Something like 2C/2T, 1 GB RAM, 50 GB Storage and a lightning fast 100 Mbits Uplink!

I surely had to reinstall the Server 15 – 20 times to get PHP and Apache working together.

After that I think I tried to install Java-JDK for a Minecraft Server, which wiped the PHP and Apache Installation, so I had to reinstall again and of course, again, without backups.

I think I had my first Hypervisor at Kimsufi, I think 4C/8T16 GB RAM2 TB Storage100 Mbits Uplink, quite the upgrade from the VPS!

A lot of time later I got Proxmox with proper routed networking to share the single IP-Address, setting up my first Linux Container and testing with that was a lot faster and simpler, from Hetzner.

Now we have 12C/24T128 GB RAM4 TB NVMe1 Gbits Uplink again, from Hetzner! Again, quite the upgrade.

Ehm… Surely, I forgot something… Ah, right – Application Developer.

I do a lot of Programming in, mostly in C#, Golang, Bash and some PowerShell. I also use and am rather comfortable with Kotlin (Java), TypeScript (JavaScript).

My GitHub and GitLab, which both have mostly private repositories and some rather are public or internal repositories, can be found above with their respective icons.

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