Installing Proxmox on Baremetal via USB

2022/08/04 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Hello together,

Installing Proxmox wasn't the most straight forward for me, so in case anyone has similar issues, here is how I did it:

  1. Grab the desired ISO
    1. Proxmox Virtual Environment
    2. Proxmox Backup Server
    3. Proxmox Mail Gateway

  2. Grab a working USB, anything should really work as long it has more than 1 GB capacity

  3. Download a bootable USB Maker
    1. I can recommend:
      1. Rufus

  4. Insert the USB into your PC

  5. Open up Rufus
    1. Make sure Rufus found and selected the correct USB drive

    2. Select the ISO

    3. Either, Rufus will tell you that it's a "ISO Hybrid" and will use DD-Mode automatically
        1. If not, don't worry - we'll let Rufus know soon enoughISO Hybrid detection example

    4. Select the correct Partition scheme for your System
      1. Older/Legacy/Enterprise will mostly work with MBR

      2. Newer System will mostly work with GPT

    5. Everything else should be fine with the default options
      1. You can change the Volume Label to be more descriptive than "PVE"Full Rufus Example
    6. Now we are ready to let Rufus do the heavy lifting, so we press on Start
      2. If it didn't detect "ISO Hybrid" earlier, it should do now and ask what we want to do, as said earlier, we want DD-Mode
    7. Now Rufus is copying the files and preparing the USB
  6. Remove the USB once Rufus is finished

  7. Happy proxmoxin'

If you still had issues, or the guide is not working or just a simple spelling error, or found a better/simpler way? Please let me know!
If you let me know, what is wrong and if what you did to fix it and even better include an error log if there is one!

Thank you for reading, hopefully it was helpful.

Best regards,
- Kleb/Leon