About me

Profile Image KlebSubject: Leon Stöwer
Age: currentYear - 1999
Job: Application Developer

Contact information:

E-Mail: leon@stoewer.one
Discord: Kleberstoff#1337

About myself:

I taught managing Servers myself. It started on some cheap VPS with BuyVM. Something like 2C, 1GB RAM, 50GB Storage, 100 Mbits Uplink.

I surely had to reinstall the Server 15-20 times to get PHP and Apache working.

After that I think I tried to install Java-JDK for a Minecraft Server, which wiped the PHP and Apache Installation, so I had to reinstall again and of course, again, without backups.

I think that I had my first Hypervisor at Kimsufi, I think 4C/8T, 16GB RAM, 2TB Storage, 100 Mbits Uplink, quite the upgrade from the VPS!

A lot of time later I got Proxmox with proper routed networking to share the single IP-Address, setting up my first Linux Container and testing with that was a lot faster and simpler.

Now we have 12C/24T, 128GB RAM, 4TB NVMe, 1 Gbits Uplink from Hetzner! Again, quite the upgrade.

Surely, I forgot something... Ah, right - Application Developer.

I do a lot of Programming, mostly in C#, some other Languages I can use, Java, JavaScript(TypeScript!), Bash and more...